Musician James Chamanyazi Ngoma has confirmed the death of David Phiri’s pregnant girlfriend together with their child.

In an emotional post, Chamanyazi says David, aka Daev, who was buried yesterday, could not have died in an accident on Sunday had he chosen to stay home with his expectant girlfriend.
Chamanyazi, who says he is Daev’s uncle, states that he shouldn’t have given up on advising his nephew.
He posts:
David Phiri as my nephew, I have nothing but love for you. I remember how I used to carry you on my back when you were still young. My responsibility to look after you made me bond with you to a point where you begun refusing to be carried by anyone else other than your mum, your dad and me.
Honestly, I was broken when you and me separated. When I had to live in a different town than you. It was a new challenging beginning and I didn’t see myself live without Young D, as we called you. I saw you grow into a man that you were before that day when your life stopped.
I was one of those who was contacted first about your death. I was the one who was tasked to break the news to mum and dad. I could not believe that you were gone but as broken as I was, I had to tell mum and dad that Young D was no more. Today, the entire country Zambia is mourning. They’re crying because you have left an impact that we all did not anticipate you would given the type of family you come from. Well, last night I spent some few moments to recall some of the best and bad moments we had. The best is too numerous to talk about. I remember how we argued when I asked you about your social life. How did you manage your fame? We argued on the type of lifestyle you had begun living. Mum and dad could not talk to you the way I did. I do admit, I should not have given up on you. I should have continued to anoy you. Maybe, you would have been home with your girlfriend who was expecting your child. Maybe, you wouldn’t have been in bad company.
Today is tragic and I am sad to say that we lost the baby and her mom.