Petersen, B’Flow, Kantu, Shimasta, Willz – “Gondo”


    Music For Change leading act – B’Flow meets affiliate Kantu, bringing along top dance-hall act – Peterson Zagaze with one of the industry survivors Shimasta. Together the quintet brought out ‘Gondo’ a story of a land full of corrupt leaders and unfair treatment to the voiceless. Dirty elections, tribalism and challenges faced when opportunities are not equal for all are also highlighted in the song. Apart from rapper/singer – Willz ‘Mr Nyopole’ and his fun filled club bangers, the remaining four artists speak the same language. Music that is conscious, stands and speaks for change and communicates messages we all can’t communicate every day.

    “This song tells a story of a fictional country called Gondo where there is a village called Nguzu. The village of Nguzu experiences struggle for power, corruption and tribalism following the demise of the incumbent councillor called Mulilo Zozo. The artists on the song are representing the voices of the residents of Nguzu.”

    This song has a unique blend of not only voices but tribes too, Gondo is indeed worth a listen.