Birth Name: Brian Mumba Kasoka Bwembya

    Genre: Afro-Dancehall

    Birth Date: 12th, November.

    Label: Chant-It-On-Empire


    Renowned Afro-Dancehall and conscious artist B Flow (Bee’ Floor’) started performing freestyles to his peers, and mimicking popular artists at the age of 8. When he was 12 years old, he was recruiting friends to make a toy band by turning pots and buckets into drums and making Banjos(non-electric guitars) using tins, planks and strings. Then he made his friends play for him while he sang.

    At the same time, at school, whenever B Flow’s name appeared on the list of noise makers in class, in brackets it was always written “drumming and singing in class”. According to him, he never realized that he was making noise. Sometimes, his classmates would even surround him just to hear him rap for them.

    In the year 2000, B Flow formed a group called Natty Boys in Kabwe, comprising 5 members and made a few appearances at local parties but the idea died off in less than 3 months, because B Flow was the only group member whose dream was always to become a musician. B Flow went back to playing Basketball, his favourite sport.

    Later that year, at church, B Flow met a friend who is now called Ron Kay and formed a duo called ‘Hot Kays’. The two young artists had a similar passion for music so they pursued it with utmost seriousness. They began to learn how to write and arrange songs. The duo also rehearsed tirelessly and performed at local talent shows. B Flow still recalls competing against the likes of Damiano, B3, Cool Natious and a few others in Kabwe. Hot Kays lasted for 2 years. At the same time, B Flow was a regular Basketball player, he played for a team called Young Kabwe Cats, at Kabwe Warriors Basketball pitch. He later played for Kabwe High School team. However, before training, he would sit on the terraces alone to write songs and practice.

    B Flow first entered the studio in 2002 and recorded his first demo backed by Nkhosa T, in a small studio owned by Zambian legendary conscious artist Emmie Routes.

    In 2003, B Flow started writing and singing professionally but struggled to record due to lack of sponsorship.

    In April 2004, B Flow made an appearance at a talent show with childhood friends Damiano and Frezzy D at Sacred Heart Parish in Kabwe. It was at that event that B Flow met the man who discovered his talent, Mr ignatius Chongwe, a lawyer by profession. To date, Ignatius is still B Flow’s mentor and friend. At the end of 2004, Mr Ignatius Chongwe who’s nicknamed Lawyer Without Boarders(L.W.B) sponsored B Flow’s first professional recording session at Romaside Studio in Lusaka. B Flow recorded his first song ‘Osalila'(meaning Don’t Cry). The song only played on Radio Phoenix Zambia, yet it was locally appreciated by a reasonable number of people. That moment gave B Flow motivation to begin writing songs for an album which was to be released as soon as possible. The same year, B Flow quit basketball after participating in a few tournaments in Kabwe and Lusaka. He chose music over basketball.

    Unfortunately, B Flow’s frustration came when Ignatius Chongwe left Kabwe to work in another city called Kitwe in 2005.

    In mid 2005, B Flow recorded a few more songs in Kabwe, produced by his cousin Artson Mumba. One song featured JC Starboy. After that, B Flow bumped into his childhood friend and former basketball player Roberto Banda who’s now Zambia’s biggest R&B artist. Roberto had just come back from South Africa where he had learnt music production, so he produced one song for B Flow for free. The two spent long days together planning how they would penetrate the competitive Zambian music industry. Roberto advised B Flow to continue with his usual dancehall music, whereas B Flow advised Roberto to switch from singing in English to vernacular so as to capture the local audience and they both did. B Flow was also encouraged by Chipo N’gambi, a teacher who predicted that B Flow was going to be household name.

    In December 2005, B Flow carried his ‘book of rhymes’ and moved to Lusaka City where he began what he felt was a painful journey, because he struggled to find a sponsor. His dream to become an established artist is what made him move from studio to studio looking for a recording deal. More than 5 major studios did not accept to take him in, because they were either surrounded by stars or they refused to audition B Flow. But he continued to pursue his dream.

    Between 2006 and 2008, B Flow focused on helping other artists in writing and featuring, namely: D2, T-Boy, J-Von, MKV, Choklet, Tsouya, JC Starboy, Thelma, Uniq and many others.

    B Flow briefly went back to Kabwe in January 2008, after his cousin Artson Mumba and his partner Linus Mwaba offered to help him record his first album at Pillar Sounds Studio. About 12 songs were recorded, with two instrumentals produced by brothers Jerry D and Bishap, both from Lusaka’s Cabin Studio.

    One song, Mpu Mpu Mpu(or heartbeat) was released during the course of 2008 but B Flow felt it did not receive the amount of spins it deserved.

    B Flow made his first TV appearances in 2008 after Tsouya and Batu introduced him to Paul Jones Sinyangwe A.K.A Slim Jones, who worked for Muvi television. Paul was impressed by B Flow’s talent, so he regularly called him to appear on various musical TV shows.

    B Flow also backed General Ozzy on stage at a number of shows around the country.

    In December 2008, B Flow was identified by TK, the proprietor of Romaside Studio who heard him ‘Flow’ on two songs by MKV and Tsouya respectively. TK felt B Flow had greatly improved as compared to when he first met him. TK instantly fell in love with B Flow’s unique and new style of Dancehall and predicted that he was going to be “The next Big Thing.

    TK and B Flow signed a recording deal and recorded B Flow’s debut album called Mpu Mpu Mpu(meaning heartbeat), which was kick-started by redoing the title track. The album was officially released in 2009. Thanks to all local media for promoting the project.

    The album earned B Flow recognition at the 2009 Zambia Ngoma Awards where he was nominated in the Best New Artist Category. The album produced local hits such as Bubblegum Lover, Energizer, Mosikito and the album title track Mpu Mpu Mpu which received reasonable air play hence making B Flow a household name.

    In 2010, B Flow teamed up with the late P-Jay, who was a renowned Zambian R&B artist, and recorded a 14 track collaboration album called Dabo Trabo(Meaning Double Trouble) which was released the same year. The two artists had the opportunity to curtain-raise for Jamaican duo Brick n Lace during a concert in Lusaka in 2010. At the same concert, P-Jay and B Flow unveiled a new artist called Kay Figo who is now one of Zambia’s biggest female artists. The same year, B Flow began working with his current P.A Nelson Chisenga, another childhood friend.

    In 2011, B Flow released his 2nd solo album called ‘No More Kawilo’ (meaning no more loneliness). The album brought enhancement to the career of the rising young Dancehall star, as it exposed him to international stages such as Botswana, South Africa and Malaysia.

    In 2012, B Flow put up a thunderous performance at the national victory ceremony for the Zambia National Soccer Team, who had just won the Africa Cup of nations, with thousands in attendance. That platform helped B Flow to promote and boost the sales of his 2nd album, which performed remarkably well.

    In 2013, B Flow recorded and released his 3rd album ‘Voiceless Woman’ which was dedicated to the fight against gender based violence. It also contained songs that denounced child abuse and other social ills. The album won B Flow new fans locally and internationally. He was also selected to become part of the Zambia/­Norway(ZedWay) project which introduced the young artist to the Scandinavian market.

    Currently recording his 4th album at Romaside studio, scheduled to be released later this year, the young artist has been privileged to record songs with international stars such as Jamaica’s Gyptian and Norway’s Admiral P.

    From 2008 to date, on stage B Flow has been backed by JC Starboy who is also his business partner.

    B Flow has been privileged to share the stage with international artists such as Brick & Lace, Oliver Mtukuzi, P-Square and Jah Cure.

    In September 2013 B’Flow also got employed as a radio presenter by Zambia’s Komboni 94.9fm, who gave him a number of sponsored shows to present. This has worked to his advantage since he’s already a musician.

    B Flow’s current initiatives include a children’s project called F.L.O.W(Future Leaders Of the World) Foundation, which is meant to provide alternatives for street kids so that they are helped to develop their talents, or go to school and live a decent life as opposed to becoming a threat to society.

    B Flow also has a talent search project called Chant-It-On Empire which is solely about identifying,sponsori­ng and grooming young upcoming musicians, he has so far been grooming JC Starboy, D2, Tyce, DJ NeO and GYK.

    He’s also a brand ambassador for two non-governmental organizations,namely­ AIDS Health Care Foundation(AHF) and USAID-funded SHARe II . He has since embarked on HIV/AIDS sensitization and peer education projects in Zambia. B Flow is also chairman for the HIV/AIDS and Social Commentary(HASC) team of the Zambia Association of Musicians(ZAM)

    He is also the Chief Executive Officer of a company called Chant-It-On Entertainment and Media.

    B Flow has been involved in advocacy programs for youth participation in the electoral process, and zero tolerance to tribalism,nepotism and violence.

    Locally, B Flow is popular for performing at corporate events, award ceremonies, weddings and promotional road shows for most prominent companies and corporate entities.

    He is sometimes referred to as the ‘Voice of the voiceless’ because of his conscious lyrics. His peers also call him “Zambian Dancehall Champion” because he was very instrumental in commercializing Dancehall music in Zambia.

    In his words, chant it on is the motto.